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1001 reasons to be complimentary- You can realize that is an unique thing - one for a kind in the world - just has at Pini Coffee which belongs to Lien Minh Group, located on 01Tuyen Lam Lake, Ward 3, Dalat City. In which earth and sky, mountains and rivers combine into one because of the dreamful, poetic natural scenery of foggy city.

Officially, opened at the 2nd April 2015, Pini Coffee has become an important point and an ideal date for guests from around the country who desire to come back culture space in dreamy mountains – the culture space for Classical Car and Weasel coffee. The foundation of Pini Coffee is a bridge. Not only introduce weasel coffee – one kind of the best premium coffee in the world- the pride of Viet Nam Coffee in general and Central Highland in particular, but also create space for coffee connoisseurs from over the country and the world who desire to enjoy the special noble flavour.

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Pure Coffee

Selected from the best perfect weasel coffee beans, through meticulous preparation process in compliance with "Three Rules" (production process, preparation process, enjoying process) and "Three quantify " (Coffee powder Quantify, water quantify, temperature quantify) ensure to create the best pure perfect cup of weasel coffee that you have never ever enjoyed it before.

PiNiCoffee với 1001 lý do miễn phí.


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Adress: Limico Weasel Coffee, Tuyen Lam Lake, Da Lat, Lam Dong.

Phone: 0633.513.111.

Email: pinicoffee@gmail.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pinicoffee