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1001 reasons to be complimentary- You can realize that is an unique thing - one for a kind in the world - just has at Pini Coffee which belongs to Lien Minh Group, located on 01Tuyen Lam Lake, Ward 3, Dalat City. In which earth and sky, mountains and rivers combine into one because of the dreamful, poetic natural scenery of foggy city.


Hình Ảnh Khai Truong PiNi Coffee


Officially, opened at the 2nd April 2015, Pini Coffee has become an important point and an ideal date for guests from around the country who desire to come back culture space in dreamy mountains – the culture space for Classical Car and Weasel coffee. The foundation of Pini Coffee is a bridge. Not only introduce weasel coffee – one kind of the best premium coffee in the world- the pride of Viet Nam Coffee in general and Central Highland in particular, but also create space for coffee connoisseurs from over the country and the world who desire to enjoy the special noble flavour. In this luxury and premium, ancient and modern space – Pini coffee – five stars premium flavour- an appointment for those who like immersing themselves in sweet flavour of a cup of weasel coffee. It is special commodity of nature has been the pride of Central Highland.


Bộ Sưu Tập Xe Cổ Độc Nhất Đà Lạt


Unlike the regular coffee, weasel coffee itself has carried a particularly special, inspired visitor a curiosity and desire to explore and enjoy it. These rip and fresh coffee beans have been chose by civets. Through a special digestive process, after entertained in the stomach of the civets from 3 to 4 hours have been pushed out but still kept whole grain crust with silk. However, in special digestive process, the coffee beans have been received a large of special enzymes produced during the metabolism. Through a special production process with "Method of productions and processing Weasel Coffee" granted the monopolistic patent by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam – has created premium coffees. So far, unique and special premium coffees have been exported to potential markets in the world.
Wishing to be the bridge for coffee connoisseurs, the entrepreneur and successful people, have the opportunity to meet and exchange - Pini coffee with attentive, friendly, hospitable services has become the ideal destination for guests anywhere. Coming to Pini coffee, you can enjoy at the same time all the quintessential beauty of Dalat and admire the collection of antique cars which converged from all parts of country and many precious wine bottles be only one of a kind in Vietnam. Each decorating corner, commodity, picture and even on each products displayed here, it is full fill of love and desire of Lien Minh Group to share tender culture of Dalat city, of earth and sky in the past and present, of all great modern civilizations in the world.
All interesting things gathered and paint a picture of a solemn, noble, ancient yet modern, lyrical and romantic, but always look forward the future. With the motto of core values ​​"Our happiness is to serve customers" - Pini COFFEE pleased to welcome guests from all part of country and all over the world.




Welcomes us!!!
Adress: 01 Tuyen Lam Lake, Dalat, Lam Dong.
Tel: 0633 513 111 - 0918 439 566.


  • Pini Coffee – The space for foreigner.

    It is said that in recent year, Viet Nam has been famous as the destination for many traveller from over the world. Not because of beautiful nature, cool tropical climate, the diverse cuisine, Vietnamese people also is the important factor to attract more people.

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    Traveling at Dalat, what to eat, drink, play and stay where always is the question wavering many visitors. Do not let you take too much time, we will give you the interesting list for your trip 

  • Weasel Coffee – The incomparable drinks

    The life has gone pass quickly as just a dream, in a wink we are grown old. We could compare the life with the cup of coffee, sweet and bitter aroma always together as if created the colorful life

  • PINI COFFEE – Business Profession

    Bringing the brand and aroma of weasel coffee – one kind of the best premier coffee in the world of Central Highland of Vietnam, Pini succeeded when introducing it in the space of luxury of Western styles and elegant of Viet Nam architecture.


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Adress: Limico Weasel Coffee, Tuyen Lam Lake, Da Lat, Lam Dong.

Phone: 0633.513.111.