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Bars on bus on the Tuyen Lam lakeside in Dalat

Located modestlyon Tuyen Lam lakeside, Pini Bar on bus has a narrow space but gives travellers the finest moment in the first step.

Pini bar has simple decoration from familiar items bringing the feeling of comfortable and relaxing. Pretty wooden tables and chairs decorated naturally, you can just enjoy a drink as same as romantic scenery of Tuyen Lam Lake.


Chiếc xe bus bụi bặm này vừa là không gian chính của quán, là nơi để khách lựa chọn các món nước. Ảnh: Phong Vinh


It is the interest of dusty bus which used as a bartender and small space for enjoying coffee makes many young people seeking to this address. Just only the bus, but it is a relaxing place for those who really want to find a different place.

Sitting on the bus, you also enjoy the rhythm of the lyrics of music - the best way to forget your sadness and leave yourselves falling in to poetic scenery and let the breeze appeasing your mind.

After ordered a drink, if you would not like to sit on the bus, you can enjoy it in the lake shore. Beautiful natural scenery along the airy will make you enjoy.




Another point noted in the hearts of visitor is enthusiasm attitude. If it is the first time coming here, you will be recommended the drink moreover, the staffs will give you more information about the pretty place to visit that not many people know.

Pini has famous for diverse drinks as: cocktail, mix baking soda, mix fruits. Price for a beverage is around 50,000 VND. Although the price is slightly higher, but nobody has been tried were pleased by its taste. If you do not drink much alcohol cocktails you can tell the staff consulting other drinks.


Pini Coffee.




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Adress: Limico Weasel Coffee, Tuyen Lam Lake, Da Lat, Lam Dong.

Phone: 0633.513.111.