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Dalat travel experience -What to eat- what to drink - what to play and where to stay


Traveling at Dalat, what to eat, drink, play and stay where always is the question wavering many visitors. Do not let you take too much time, we will give you the interesting list for your trip 

 1. What to eat

Coming to Dalat, it is sure that you couldn't ignore these places has known as cuisine paradise. Walking around Dalat night market with typical foods such as hot soy milk, pastries, baked thin paper with oil, green onion and egg, baked sweet potatoes to warm dishes such as crab soup, bread soup, grilled skewers of all kinds, fried snail ... You just walk around the lake and night market be able to enjoy any delicious street foods of Da Lat



The other places:

+ Bread Siew Mais: Tang Bat Ho, Nguyen Chi Thanh St

+ Grilled rice paper with oil green onion and egg: Hoang Dieu, Nguyen Van Troi, Ms.Hoa - Thong Thien Hoa St.

Rice paper grilled over coals and lightly topped with a variety of ingredients as cheese, fried beef, and chicken. Famous for it is Ms. Crazy at Nguyen Van Troi St. She is so serious but her cake is wonderful despite having to wait for a long time for trying. The price is from 0.5 $ to 1 $.

+Grilled meat rolls and fried corn roll: at Hao Store on Nguyen Cong Tru St, Mss. Hùng at Phan Dinh Phung St ,  Mss Nghĩa on Bui Thi Xuan St

The outstanding shop is Ms.Hung at Phan Dinh Phung over ten years in this career. The grilled meat roll and corn roll is so crispy served with fresh vegetables and sour and spicy flavour of cucumber, carrots and beets and delicious sauce that made of soul food. Prices range 30.000 - 40.000VND / 1 person.



+ + Cream and sweet soup:

Ice-cream:Thanh Thao fruit  Ice cream , Nari ice cream at Nguyen Van Troi Street, Thai Sweet Soup at Ba Trieu shop,  Viet Hung Shop at Trai Mat area ...

Dalat is famous for fruit and avocado ice-cream that travelers will be hard ignored. A plate of fruit cream ranges around  15.000 -20.000 VND consisting of a tablet of coconut cream, a piece of avocado, a bit of watermelon, a  stick sapodilla, a slice of papaya or mango enough to make up a full plate of delicious fruit cream. Be renowned as Thanh Thao and Nari shop. The avocado was selected from the best varieties are pureed with milk and served with a table of ice cream that your can not find any flavor other than Nari.




In addition, the other foods you need to try including mixed rice paper, stuffed cakes, beef rolls, milk tea, toast shrimp salt with bread, seafood soup, crab soup....

2. What and where to drink

No enjoy Coffee, no visit Da Lat because The Central Highland is the homeland of coffee. Some nice coffee shops for you

2.1  Trinh Music Cafe

The famous Trinh Music Cafes are Tung Shop, Diem Xua cafe, Cung To Chieu Coffee shop.

The oldest is Tung Coffee located on Hoa Binh Town (Peace Town). Put on it the ancient beauty with classic and rustic styles as the cafe in the 50s, some of simple tables and chairs, old teapot. Small shop but it is the preferred destination of those who keep in mind the nostalgia. Coming to Tung Cafe in the morning, you'll catch sight of the guests in the hands of black coffee glass reading the newspaper in each corner table. The culture of ancient Vietnam in the past is still preserved here through many generations.




2.2 The cafe with nice view and excellent drinks

Some of the nice view coffee shops have to mention to DaLat Nights, Pini Coffee. One with mountain view, one with lake view.

We can not skip Pini Coffee situated on Tuyen Lam Lake- the best romantic lake at Da Lat city. The coffee shop has lake view to admire the beauty of imposing space of cloud, mountain, forest and blue lake spreading into the horizon which twinkle the light of luxury resorts at night. The only place at Da lat to view all the poetic of Tuyen Lam Lake and pine forests are shrouded by mist. Pini is beautiful as the sweet dream when contemplating the magic nature of dark sky at night full fill of sparkle stars. Pini coffee is also the combination of ancient space and classical car. Especially, weasel coffee made of the siphon is the best drinks of it.




Pini has the lake view that in the evening, you could see the sparkling stars in the dark night.





The second is Da Lat night on the gateway of the city with the advantage of high location. From there, you could look at the total scenery of Da Lat. Moreover, with the romantic person, they could view "the heart of Da Lat city ". The mischievous comparison when the street lamps arranged by accident as the shape of heart, people call it " the heart of Da Lạt". 





2.3. The below list are the shops owning simple decoration but outstanding design: An Coffee, La Viet, Windmill, Rainy or The Violet on Wednesday...

An Coffee with the model of fresh vegetable and made of wood, located on the sloping street are becoming the favorite place of young people, especial for those who fall in love with village style. The pretty lots of land for planting vegetable which has been cared by the owner and people enjoying coffee.




Violet on Wednesday keeps itself the classic and romantic beauty as its name.That takes you into the train to come back the past in luxury and ancient space of France's villa and moving of sad love story of the young soldier Andre and the singer Jennie. The keen story is related closely with the name of cafe "Violet on Wednesday"

3. Where to play

Monster Lake

It locates behind of the boundless green pine forest on the way to Dalat Golden Stream, surrounded by greenhouses with diverse, colourful flowers of Van Thanh flower traditional village. Around lake, there are many green trees growing fast and spread shadow. Go fishing in the Monsters lake gives interesting moments not only because of the names: “Monster”, but also due to mischievous laws and even the boss‘s freakish styles.

Monster Lake is an ideal of young boss of Lien Minh Group for relaxing, entertaining after hard working with the number, events. The investors and entrepreneurs has invited by the young bosses to immerse themselves in a desolate and wild nature and romantic atmosphere. Together fishing, flower blossom viewing, camping under the green tree branches, enjoying simple foods: rice, vegetable, soup…it is the simple, natural style of this kind of entertainment that attracted more fishers from any age and any gender.




1. Forest Ghost Inn in Da Lat

In the dark and remote area on the land of fog, there exists an extremely beautiful place: the Forest Ghost Inn. With a quite bizarre and unique name, Da Lat Forest Ghosts Inn obtains a wild and very subtle beauty."A peaceful place in the hustling pace of life"

Here, tourists can stay in wooden houses built in European style by the lake or homes in the traditional style of ethnic communities in the Central Highlands.

Coming to Ma Rung Lu Quan, tourists can enjoy cool weather in Dalat next and a cup of hot coffee by the peaceful lake in the morning, and sit by a fire with a barbecue party. Sometimes, the owner of the place will sit down with visitors to play guitar, sing and tell stories about the land of Dalat.


4. Where to stay

Which is a tourist city, Da Lat no shortage of motels, lovely hotels from budget to luxury in many different styles? Apart from the hotels, long motels have known as much as Ngoc Lan, Dalat Palace, Muong Thanh hospitality, luxury resorts like Ana Mandara, SACOM, Terracotta, Osaka village; then recently appearing a new trend is a homestay. There's a certain style, nor should highlight ... the homestay still enough to create the "craze" swept all your feelings with improvised architecture, satisfied to feel and explore life , humans and great nature flower city of Da Lat.


Some of these are La Nha Homestay ( Being Home Homestay), Tre's House ( Bamboo's House), Circle, Lebleu,

4.1 La Nha Homestay (Being Home Homestay) : the owner expects to give the closed feeling as come back the house of tourists. Having garden space to make barbecue, paly music and camping at night, together reading book under the warm light of the moon.

4.2 Tree’s House

The difference of Tre's house from the other place is the old architecture from the furniture as table, chair, bed, wardrobe; all of this is made of wood, bamboo, recycled things in the old art style 




Hope that information about the destination, entertainment, homestay will help you get the excellent experience in your trip

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  • Dalat travel experience -What to eat- what to drink - what to play and where to stay

    Traveling at Dalat, what to eat, drink, play and stay where always is the question wavering many visitors. Do not let you take too much time, we will give you the interesting list for your trip 

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