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PINICOFFEE – The art space for photography

Da Lat is the pretty city of romantic and poetic things. Each flowers season comes in the mountain city; many people from all parts of country visit and keep wonderful moments in their trip. It is a happy season for people who fall in love to bear in mind the memorable moments at the city of love.



Da Lat has many beautiful roads, striking flower fields… and the typical architecture. Do not wrap yourself in the habit; don’t hesitate to discover the new things. Coming Da Lat, let’s go far away from city to feel all beauty of mountain and river and lake and take the photograph saving each instant.

Officially opened on April 02nd 2015, Pini Coffee near Tuyen Lam Lake has become the ideal destination to meet tourist’s desire and expectation. Pini Coffee is for the space’s combination of weasel coffee and classical car which located on dreaming Tuyen Lam Lake (where mountain, river, lake and splendid nature come into one to draw a poetic picture). Don’t forget to bring a camera to catch any moment. Sometimes, you feel surprising because of the pretty image of sparrow settled on the branch of tree,
a boat is cranky following the flow of blue water, fishing nets is silvery under the sunrise. It is the charming nature is parked on your camera.



Has known as the charming muse of Da Lat, Pini Coffee is the place which each centimeter created a thousand of nice photographs keeping any memorable moment of family, friend and yours.  



Has designed by wood with warm black color of pine wood, orange color is the main theme of Pini. The green lianas surround Piniacient walls. Inside shop, is the interesting combination of old architecture and modern styles. 




The collection of classical car and precious wine bottle are collected from over the world by Mr Ngo (Ngo QuangPhuc) - Board of Chairman of Lien Minh Group simultaneous running Pini Coffee.

Each small ornament, shop corner always brings you back to the past and remembers the value of tradition and history of Vietnamese though each period including the value of a cup of coffee in the morning, the classical motorbikes used in Vietnamese daily life. Not only helps you saving many pretty photographs, but also provides you useful knowledge about tradition and together enjoy a cup of special drinks from nature – it is weasel coffee making by siphon.

Most young people share their interesting moment with weasel coffee at Pini Café on many social networks because they could admire directly 45 minutes to make a cup of weasel coffee. It is so memorable just at Pini. The perfect aroma, not bitter but so sweet besides the charming of green tea pot, a book, a flower window, it is enough for nice picture.



If you want to pour a little of mischief, let’s pose besides the collection of classical car in the 1990’s – charming Vespa near window, sleepy 67 motorbike on the rooftop or just the pretty bougainvillia on balcony. Wondering is it enough for a refinement photograph or
not? If you suddenly fall in love with vintage or retro styles, Pini Coffee is the best main theme for you.



An old window, an ancient set of cup and tea pot reminds the architecture of Western in the last century and the life styles of Vietnamese in the past.  



Orange is the main color to created the symbol of Pini – lovely – brilliant  



And if you crush the romantic beauty of lake, mountain, blue sky, pine forest, green vast, Pini Coffee is the muse for your trip

Moring in Tuyen Lam Lake .


And if you crush the romantic beauty of lake, mountain, blue sky, pine forest, green vast, Pini Coffee is the muse for your trip

If you are eager to enjoy the glasses of fresh fruit and coffee, don’t hesitate to put your footsteps into Pini Coffee.



The colorful fruits, sweet cakes will attract every look of people on your instagram.


Especially, Pini Coffee is the ideal place for many couple making the album of wedding to draw a happy picture. 


Once again, Pini Coffee is glad to be with you saving the sweet moments of happy day and memorable journey



Adress: Limico Weasel Coffee, Tuyen Lam Lake, Da Lat, Lam Dong.

Phone: 0633.513.111.



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Adress: Limico Weasel Coffee, Tuyen Lam Lake, Da Lat, Lam Dong.

Phone: 0633.513.111.