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Weasel Coffee – The incomparable drinks


The life has gone pass quickly as just a dream, in a wink we are grown old. We could compare the life with the cup of coffee, sweet and bitter aroma always together as if created the colorful life



Just the dark color and little bitter of a coffee cup which human could understand how many things in life, how many philosophies, the loves and memory. Drink a cup of coffee, we drink all the soul. The soul of the farmer had grown and cultivated each coffee tree, the soul of craft man who calculates clearly for any time roasting coffee bean.  The soul of the artist had made the wonderful cup of coffee from the aroma to decoration. The soul of drinker had put the feeling in enjoying it. It is the bitter aroma come into our mind, become the closed friends in every morning



Mentioning about coffee, many kinds of coffee have been launched in the market however always appearing on the top of the most expensive and premier product in the world, it is weasel coffee – the legend has resuscitated.




Has been called it by the name: “The legend resuscitated” because the magical changing of coffee bean in the civet’s stomach. When eating coffee bean, they just eat the sweet honey covering coffee been, and then put these total beans out of their body organism. The coffee bean through the process of the farmer had created the best aroma, just one kind in the world.

After putting out, these coffee beans will be washed, dried, roasting, grinding and filtering hot water to enjoy. Especial weasel coffee aroma because the enzyme has broken the structure of coffee bean, decrease the protein and caffeine, lead the decrease of bitter aroma, create the especial passion of weasel coffee that not have in any kind of coffee in the world.




Weasels eat the cherries for the fleshy pulp then in the digestive tract, fermentation occurs. The civet's protease enzymes seep into the beans, making shorter peptides and more free amino acids. Passing through civets’ intestines the cherries are then defecated with other fecal matter and collected.



Coffee beans are carefully washed, processed and roasted subject to strict technical standards.



To enjoys one of the most coffee aromas, you could not skip this weasel coffee passion of Da Lat- the homeland of Central Highland in Viet Nam

Not only the beautiful scenery, cool air, the small gift has been given for Da Lat is premier weasel coffee which attracts the attention of tourist from over the world. Can not skip Pini Coffee – the only coffee shop for anyone expecting to enjoy the real weasel coffee cup.

Come to Pini Coffee, you have the chance to look at directly the way to make the weasel coffee by siphon by “The principle of “Three Rules – Three Quantity” by the clever hand of Pini Coffee staffs 


Besides, the collection of classical car collected from all parts of country to meet the expectation of people who give the heart for ancient



“Ancient – Strange” The attracted thing keeps the traveler footstep. Just once to visit Pini Coffee, you never want to leave. Try a drop of weasel coffee, the time will stop to keep this memorable passion forever, and you will tell yourself one day, you surely come back the Central Highland again.


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  • Weasel Coffee – The incomparable drinks

    The life has gone pass quickly as just a dream, in a wink we are grown old. We could compare the life with the cup of coffee, sweet and bitter aroma always together as if created the colorful life

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